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Do you get worried about the whereabouts of your children or elderly parents?

We provide not only the real-time location of vehicles; however, we also provide the real-time location of your family members. We have specific designed hardware for providing the location details of the kids, elderly people and even pets. These hardware comes with inbuilt battery with a back up of upto 12 hours. These devices are very small which can placed inside the school bags or the pockets even. Also, for pets, these devices be will be tied on their necks as a belt.

Our Personal tracking solutions are very beneficial for tracking the real-time locations of the employees. Specifically jewelers can put our device in their briefcases containing cash or precious items, so that they can hand over the brief case to any of their employees without any tension.

Our Personal Trackers are very compact in size and weight; therefore, they are very easy to carry. Users can immediately send alerts in the form of text message at the time of emergency or help required. Geo-Fencing feature keeps a restriction on the children and elders to be within a pre-defined perimeter set as safe zone by the parents or family members. Nowadays, personal trackers are also coming in the form of watches, key chains and wrist bands.