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3DeTrack vehicle tracking is committed towards providing the highest quality of telematics solutions to all the commercial vehicles. The biggest challenge which every commercial vehicle owner faces is how to increase the current productivity and efficiency of their drivers and vehicles. We not only help such companies to increase their profitability but also enhances their driver and vehicle’s security.

We help Transporters and Logistics Companies reduce the daily operational costs by keeping a close watch on the some very important parameters like fuel, maintenance cycle, Over Speeding, unauthorized usages and driver driving behavior. Our Application ensures to provide highest quality of services to the clients of such companies by timely and safe deliveries of goods or passengers. Our hardware is so rugged and small which can be used in any weather conditions fitted at a virtually undetectable location in the vehicle. We provide tamper proof IP67 casing hardware which makes it not only dust-proof but water-proof as well. We provide all the required MIS reports for the vehicles fitted with our GPS units. Our reports can be generated in many formats like Web, Chart, Map, Excel and PDF.

3DeTrack Vehicle Tracking’s fleet management solutions help businesses reduce operating costs and increase productivity and efficiency of on-field vehicles. We guarantee to increase business with higher profits and rapid returns on investment.

Solutions offered to the Corporate: