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Are you a Business Owner or Sales Head of any organization who wants to increase the productivity of his/her on-field sales team?

3DeTrack Vehicle Tracking has now become the only company in India who is providing successful Bike Tracking System. We help companies to keep a track on the movement of their respective Sales officers. The biggest challenge which the sales department of different companies faces is knowing the whereabouts of their sales officers at any given point of time. Now, 3DeTrack Vehicle Tracking can not only resolve this challenge; however, we also guarantee to double the monthly sales revenue. The reason why we guarantee the increase in sales revenue is that our Bike tracking system will ensure the better time management of your sales team. The very simple logic behind this increase in Sales Revenue is that as soon as we start tracking the sales team, they will be on their toes to meet more and more prospects which will increase their personal productivity and an increase in productivity will definitely ramp up the Sales Revenue.

Bike Tracking System not only tracks the real-time location of the bikes, also it generates the distance traveled reports which makes the claim settlement easier for the accounts team. Even company will also get to know the other reports like Stoppage reports which will help them in analyzing the number of meeting done by the sales officers in any particular month. Tele-Sales team can point out the nearest bike from any prospected meeting point to dedicate a Sales Officer to that point for a meeting with the prospect without any hassles of making a series of phone calls.

Bike Tracking System is again a very useful solution for the food chain companies like McDonald, Pizza Hut, Dominos where there is a big number of home deliveries happening on a daily basis. By using our services, they can ensure a timely delivery to their esteemed clients which will in turn increase their client satisfaction and further sales. Also, with our system installed, productivity of these delivery boys will be increased which will help such companies to decrease their delivery force.

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