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Real-Time Location Tracking

3DeTrack Vehicle Tracking provides real-time vehicle location. Our application smartly updates the vehicle location as per the motion activity of the vehicle. User of our application will not only get to know the location but also the vehicle status as to whether the vehicle is parked, moving or idle. It also shows the trail of the vehicle’s last movement with speed colors and directional arrows in the trail. We use point refresh technology due to which the vehicle will refresh its location automatically without page getting refreshed every time. We use licensed Enterprise versions of Google, Nokia OVI and Bing maps for providing the exact location information.

Important Real-Time Information

We provide other very important real-time information like AC status information. User will get to know the real-time status of AC usage. If the driver is driving the vehicle without any passengers, than fleet owner would never expect AC usage by the driver. This feature will cut down the fuel cost for the fleet owners drastically. Using our application, user will also be able to control the excess idling of their vehicles which in turn cut down on their fuel costs significantly. Both of these real-time information are very useful for improved productivity and efficiency of vehicles.

Alert Notifications

3DeTrack Vehicle Tracking provides various alerts on the violation of any rules set by the user. Alert notifications are very important as it gives instant information to the owner of the fleet about any misuse or mishappenings. Below mentioned are the alerts we offer to our clients:

a. Over Speed Alerts: Over speeding alerts are very important tool to safeguard from three important aspects, one is penalty from the local traffic police, other is the high fuel consumption while over speeding and last but not the least, over speeding the vehicle always decreases the vehicle’s engine life. Even it also invites more probabilities of accidents and harm to human life. We provide instant alerts in the form of SMS or emails whenever the driver will drive more than the designated speed.

b. Geo-Fence Alerts: Geo-Fence is a virtual closed boundary drawn on the map to restrict the vehicles from going in or out of that particular boundary. We provide instant alerts on every exit or entry of that particular restricted boundary. This alerts is again very important to keep a track on the vehicles without being logged on to the system, about their reaching the destination or exiting any particular boundary without the permission of the vehicle owner.

c. Towing Alerts: In all the metropolitan cities, the biggest challenge is parking. Therefore, most of the times we end up parking our vehicles in No Parking Zones which results in the towing of our vehicle by the local traffic Police. Even nowadays, thieves have started a technique of stealing our cars which is by towing. Now 3DeTrack Vehicle Tracking can even keep a track of towing of the vehicle and send instant alerts as and when your vehicle is towed by anybody. We not only sends you the towing alert but also we tell the exact real-time location information of the vehicles towed.

d. Excess Idling with AC ON: We always keep a track on the drivers whether they have put the AC ON of the vehicle to sleep inside the car. Therefore, we provide alerts for the Excess Idling with AC On alerts to the fleet owners. Such alerts are very useful in 2 aspects, it cust down on the total fuel cost and also sleeping in the car with AC on is very dangerous for the driver which may lead to his death. We send this alert if vehicle’s ignition and AC both are simultaneously on for more than 10 minutes.

e. Route Violations Alerts: Route planning is a very important features for our customers who wish to restrict any route to be followed by their respective drivers. The moment driver violates the route by a pre-defined number of meters, there will be an alert generated to the user. These alerts are very important for organizations like schools, cash vans for banks and jewelers.

f. Other Alerts: We also provide different alerts like, Ignition On/Off alert, AC On/Off alert, periodic service alerts and hourly alerts. These alerts also play a very vital role in day to day operation of any organization.

Anti-Theft System

We provide a feeling of safety for your hard earned vehicle as we offer this very unique and robust feature of remote immobilization. This feature enables the user to remotely stop his/her car from anywhere round the globe. This feature will be active on all our client’s phones in the form of a mobile app which will be very handy to use and utilize at the time of emergencies. Even one can send SMS to our server center number for immobilizing his/her vehicle at anytime 24/7.

Driver Identification System

We are the first company in India to introduce iButton Technology which is designed and developed in USA. iButton is a very useful technology for the identification of the driver at any given point of time. This technology includes iButton Reader and iButton Key. Reader will be fitted into the vehicle and key will be given to all the drivers for that particular car. One Reader can be attached with 50 iButton keys. It is a very useful technology for keeping a track record of all the drivers attendance and their total working hours on daily basis which is the biggest challenge for the operations team. Also, in cases of emergencies, company will always know who the driver is at any particular moment.

Personalized Location Settings:

We offer this amazing feature of adding your personalized locations to your respective accounts. Whenever your vehicle will come into a radius of pre-defined distance, than our tracking application will show the location of your vehicle in the reference to your personalized location rather than the location from the master database. Users can save their individual locations like their Home, Office, Kids school etc.

MIS Reports:

Reports are an integral part of any software application. We provide exhaustive MIS for the better reporting of the vehicle’s productivity and efficiency to the management. Our reports include:

a. Map Reports: This report points all the desired recorded data on the map. We can see the replay action report with stoppage points of the vehicle’s movement in the last 45 days. Every stoppage point will be marked on the map if at all vehicle has stopped at that particular location for more than 5 minutes. This report also include trail report.

b. Web Reports: These are the tabular format of the reports which can be viewed online through our tracking portal. In this section, there are many useful report like distance, AC, Excess Idling, Geo-Fence violations, Vehicle Summary, Trip etc. Even in our application we provide group reports which save time of the admin to generate the reports of all the vehicles with just one click. We provide a data backup of 45 days which will be available online all the time.

c. PDF/Excel Reports: Our users can generate the same reports which they generated in Web Reports in the form of PDF or Excel sheets. The purpose of providing the same reports in these formats as well is to enable our users for saving such crucial reports for their accounts and admin purpose. Also, our technical expertise helps us to customize these reports for our customers as per their requirement.

d. Chart Reports: We also provide chart reports for the users of our tracking application, so that they can get an overall idea of their fleet usage history with one glimpse of the chart reports. It makes easier for the business owners to pick the defaulters from a big drivers list.

Vehicle Maintenance & Service:

3DeTrack Vehicle Tracking is such a customer centric solution where we keep a track of its service and maintenance history. Even we send periodic alerts about the upcoming dates for its service center visits. We also keep a track of tyre life in our systems with all the details like tyre replacement date, number of kilometers run on any particular tyre etc. We provide value added reports to the car rental companies and transporters about their fleet maintenance cycle.