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BMC will go for GPS for its water tankers

To curb water theft from tankers, the civic administration is considering installing Global Positioning System (GPS) devices on water carriers.

The suggestion was made by Additional Municipal Commissioner Rajiv Jalota at the BMC standing committee meeting Friday. Corporators alleged that the ‘tanker mafia’ in the city has been appropriating a major share of drinking water from BMC.

Ramesh Bamble, chief hydraulic engineer, BMC, said, “GPS will keep track of the routes and frequencies of tankers. There will be meters installed at the filling stations. The meter readings and information acquired through GPS devices will give us data to monitor the passage of water tankers. Tenders will have to be invited for the GPS technology and meters. The initiative is still in its nascent stage.” At present, there is no monitoring system at BMC filling stations, making them vulnerable to theft.

The Delhi Jal Board in collabration with DIMTS has already implemented such a tracking system for its water carriers’ fleet to avoid wastage and theft of water.


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